Robert Graves

Robert Graves

Robert Graves
Wimbeldon, 25 de juliol, 1895
Deià, 7 de desembre, 1985

Robert von Ranke Graves fou un poeta, erudit i novel·lista anglès. Durant la seva vida produí més de 140 obres. Era fill de l’escriptor anglo-irlandès Alfred Perceval Graves i d’Amalie von Ranke. L’historiador Leopold von Ranke era oncle de la seva mare. Graves es considerava a si mateix un poeta per davant de tot, però les seves obres més exitoses foren novel·les històriques, en particular Jo, Claudi.
Més informació a la Viquipèdia.
El meu Cap! El meu Cap! (My Head! My Head!, 1925)
Lawrence y los árabes (Lawrence and the Arabs, 1927)
El Crit (The Shout, 1929)
Sense Decència (No Decency Left, 1932; amb Laura Riding, com Barbara Rich)
El Veritable David Copperfiel (The Real David Copperfield, 1933)
Jo, Claudi (I, Claudius, 1934)
Claudi el Déu i la seva dona Messalina (Claudius the God and his Wife Messalina, 1934)
El sello de Antigua (El sello que naufragó) (Antigua, Penny, Puce, 1936)
El Comte Belisari (Count Belisarius, 1938)
Sargent Lamb del Novè (Sergeant Lamb of the Ninth, 1940)
Procedeixi, Sargent Lamb (Proceed, Sergeant Lamb, 1941)
La Història de Marie Powell: Dona de Mr. Milton (he Story of Marie Powell: Wife to Mr. Milton, 1943)
El Velló d’Or (The Golden Fleece, 1944)
Jesús Rei (King Jesus, 1946)
Watch the North Wind Rise (1949)
The Islands of Unwisdom (1949)
La Filla d’Homer (Homer’s Daughter, 1955)
Catacrok! Mostly Stories, Mostly Funny (1956)
They Hanged My Saintly Billy (1957)
Collected Short Stories (1964)
An Ancient Castle (1980)
Sobre la Poesia Anglesa (On English Poetry, 1922)
El Significat dels Somnis (The Meaning of Dreams, 1924)
Poetic Unreason and Other Studies (1925)
Contemporary Techniques of Poetry: A Political Analogy (1925)
Another Future of Poetry (1926)
Impenetrability or The Proper Habit of English (1927)
The English Ballad: A Short Critical Survey (1927)
Lars Porsena or The Future of Swearing and Improper Language (1927)
A Survey of Modernist Poetry (1927)
Lawrence y los árabes (Lawrence and the Arabs, 1927)
A Pamphlet Against Anthologies (1928)
Mrs. Fisher or The Future of Humour (1928)
Adiós a todo eso (Goodbye to All That: An Autobiography, 1929)
But It Still Goes On: An Accumulation (1930)
T. E. Lawrence to His Biographer Robert Graves (1938)
The Long Weekend (1940)
The Reader Over Your Shoulder (1943)
La diosa blanca (The White Goddess, 1948)
The Common Asphodel: Collected Essays on Poetry 1922–1949 (1949)
Occupation: Writer (1950)
The Golden Ass of Apuleius (1951)
The Nazarene Gospel Restored (1953)
The Greek Myths (1955)
The Crowning Privilege: The Clark Lectures, 1954–1955 (1955)
Adam’s Rib (1955)
Jesus in Rome (1957)
Steps (1958)
5 Pens in Hand (1958)
The Anger of Achilles (1959)
Food for Centaurs (1960)
Dioses y héroes de la antigua Grecia (Greek Gods and Heroes, 1960)
Selected Poetry and Prose (1961)
Oxford Addresses on Poetry (1962)
The Siege and Fall of Troy (1962)
The Big Green Book (1962)
Los mitos hebreos (Hebrew Myths. The Book of Genesis, 1964)
Majorca Observed (1965)
Mammon and the Black Goddess (1965)
Two Wise Children (1966)
The Rubaiyyat of Omar Khayyam (1967)
Poetic Craft and Principle (1967)
The Poor Boy Who Followed His Star (1968)
Los mitos griegos (Greek Myths and Legends, 1968)
The Crane Bag (1969)
On Poetry: Collected Talks and Essays (1969)
Difficult Questions, Easy Answers (1973)
In Broken Images: Selected Letters 1914–1946 (1982)
Between Moon and Moon: Selected Letters 1946–1972 (1984)

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